Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lady Saga!!

getting signed copies of Brian Einersen's "Lady Saga" mini- comic zine for the shop after meeting him at the Cynthia Packard Gallery in Provincetown

Previously sold at Marc Jacobs stores, Perez Hilton called the comic "a must have!"

Check out his blog here

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thanks to Closing Party guests! Don't miss Aaron Alves at next week's AHA! night

If you're bummed because you missed our free LIVE music event (because you were at home on Sunday playing video games, acting self important or whatever it is people do around here..) Come see new music by AARON ALVES after our August AHA! night.

We were also so floored by our musician guest Keith Borges that we asked him to come in early and play during the Aha! Opening (at least by 7pm)

We'll be showcasing new work by Ann Guiliani during this months AHA! She received an MFA in Printmaking & Visual Design at UMD after studying with Marc St. Pierre & Kurt Wisneski

check out her website here (featuring monotypes and her incredible large scale palm drawings)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Closing Reception Highlights from July 31st!

We all had a great time to the sweet tunes of the Bad Spellers and Keith Borges! Yummy treats and good vibes!

Here are some highlights from the show:

^Merch collected from the Bad Spellers!^

Video Reel:

Thanks to all who turned out! See you again soon for more great events! Stay tuned...

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