Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Oko Arts is jumping on the BlogWagon (could be a new multimilliondollrrr site ©HBurkitt) because blogs are really hip... right? We hope so. Because, well, if we're running it, it will be. As we set up our blog don't forget to look to our facebook page for more info, updates, upcoming events and all that good stuff. Like us, Follow us, Love us (if you can't do that through the internet, sure you'll find some creepy alternative) but feel free to stalk us, we're into that- or even better, come see us in the flesh!

Open this weekend, and after that we'll be "renovating" adding shelving, more art supplies, books, cool stuff whatever. And setting up for our new show July 14th.

Friday 11-7 Saturday 11-4

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